Final Standings Freestyle Chess League Qualifier Tournament 2021     
3 months, 29 days ago

Final Table according to special Tiebreak Rules
Provisional table after 9 Rounds     
4 months ago

Provisional table after 9 Rounds (without number of White and Black Games)
It's a Long Road to Advantage     
4 months, 7 days ago

After seven rounds three players are in front with a +1 score: Victorious, Chess Lion and Farseer, though unfortunately not because of better play than all other participants, but due to two forfeited matches by PublicEnemyN1 and another weak game by Olivier Evan.
Freestyle Chess League - QT (Standings after Rd. 7)     
4 months, 28 days ago

Standings and Pairings after Round 7
Good Fighting Spirit in the Qualifying Tournament for the Freestyle Chess League 2022      
5 months, 11 days ago

The first three rounds of the 2022 Freestyle Chess League qualifier were more competitive than the results reflect with 28 draws from 29 games, and there were clear differences from the engine-only tournaments on InfinityChess.
Freestyle Chess League - Qualifier Tour (Rd. 1-3)     
5 months, 27 days ago

Standings and Pairings for Rd. 4
Less Time, but still drawish     
10 months, 29 days ago

After some weeks of testing we performed the 47th Engine Masters on 23rd May, 2021, with the new time control 5m+3s in 13 rounds.
Time of the Book Masters     
1 year, 5 months ago

Only 12 decided games out of 208! That‘s even more alarming compared to previous tours. Ten wins by White and two by Black. In practice that means, you could win this tour with two victories, and only five other players managed to reach a +1 score.
White Wins Only 8 Percent     
1 year, 9 months ago

Forty players joined the 44th Engine Masters Tournament going over 13 rounds with the time control 12 minutes per game + 2 seconds increment per move. They created 251 games in total of which 19 games were won by White and 3 by Black. (We don‘t count those two “byes” due to disconnections and one draw agreed without playing, also due to technical issues.) This is what the graphic shows:
Darn Last Round     
2 years, 1 month ago

Wardog wins the 43rd Engine Masters Tournament. March 15, 2020. Three players fought an exciting fight til the very end: Thor, Mario Radocchia (Canada), TheForce, Mel Holm (Switzerland) and Wardog218, James Gipson (USA). The first two had already won prizes in previous tours. Thor was running Eman 5.01, TheForce LeelaZero (lc0) and Wardog218 Eman XXX2, so that means Stockfish and Leela were their

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