Solid like a rock - MrScience wins the 34th Engine Masters Tour     
3 months, 8 days ago

The 34th Engine Masters Rapid Tournament was a One Man Show by MrScience, with real name Mark Jordan, around Baltimore/USA. He is not one of the most regular players on InfinityChess, but well-known since his victory in the 31st EMT some months ago.
Katzenmaier's Opening Coup     
7 months, 10 days ago

The 33rd Engine Masters Tournament on 3rd June 2018 was a very tough fight without hot favourites. In the end only one player was able to achieve 8 points out of 13 games, which means a +3 result, and the progressive table shows how close it was until round 12.
„Welcome to the Machine“ (Pink Floyd)     
8 months, 29 days ago

The 32nd Engine Masters Tournament was dominated by The_Machine, Wilfried Eilmes (Germany), who dedicated his victory to the Brainfish developer Thomas Zipproth. As he said, his success was mainly based on the Cerebellum libary concept, integrating book lines and engine play in an effective way
Brainfish dominates the 31st EMT     
10 months, 29 days ago

Six of 28 players set their hopes on BrainFish, and all of them achieved good results between 6,5 and 8,5 points out od 13 rapid games. Not bad for this Stockfish based engine by the German developer Stefan Zipproth.
All-time Engine Masters Records     
1 year ago

Standings after 30 Engine Masters Tournaments 2014-2017. List of all 152 participants with their total scores and total numbers of tournaments.
Victorious 30th Engine Master by Tie-Break     
1 year ago

It's his 4th Engine Master title after winning the 3rd, 4th and 23rd EM Tournament, and like the two previous times he was a lucky tie-break winner. But luck has not always been on Victorious side, Gerrit Hoogeven from the Netherlands also lost two tie-breaks and came up 2nd in the 1st and 5th EMT. All in all he is one of the all-time engine champions on Infinity Chess.
Strong Finish by Murx in 28th EMT     
1 year, 2 months ago

A brace in round 8 and 9 decided the day for Murx (Clemens Keck, Germany) with Komodo 11 and Houdini 6, which earned him $ 500 USD. This tour was not a Stockfish party, but rather in favour of Houdini 6, which had been released recently.
Soloman's Solo     
1 year, 4 months ago

After some months break we finally took up our series of Rapid Engine Masters Tournaments, issue no. 27 on 27th August 2017. Time did not stop during the last months, and what we had to realizeat this new event was once again the dramatically increasing draw rate from 85% to now 90%.
Ultimate Challenge: Three sharp draws     
1 year, 7 months ago

Looking at the final results of the Ultimate Challenge 2017, the reader might notice the high percentage of drawn games.
Zor Winner in an Exciting Photo Finish      
1 year, 7 months ago

The last night was the longest of the whole tournament. A couple of decided games (7!) - not at top, but at the mid-table - reshuffled all Buchholz and SB points. An unbelievable photo finish at the end of this unique chess marathon!

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