The Day of Decision     
2 days, 3 hours ago

Three players in the lead after 20 rounds, and only one round to goo... How could a half marathon be more exciting! It was the last game on Friday night, running until move 126, when Coco69 (Candada) resigned and congratulated Thomas_A_Anderson (Germany) to his brillant victory, which in fact was a hard-earned victory (like shoveling briquettes as someone said on chat).
Situation normal as usual...     
3 days, 5 hours ago

The closer the end, all the more the tension is increasing, even though we haven't seen any decided games at top lately. As already reported, did Woodrun (Finland) promote to the group with +2 in round 18, and he hold his position in round 19 by a draw with Black against the mighty Zor (United Arab Emirates).
Number of Wins as Tie-break Factor     
5 days, 7 hours ago

After 18 of 21 rounds tie-break matters come into focus, especially because the automatically generated server tables do not consider the number of wins (same as the number of Black wins). So the final table according to our more complete tie-break criteria might be slightly different from the server table, if players are level on total points, Buchholz and Sonneborn-Berger points.
The Future has already started     
6 days, 22 hours ago

Draw, draw, draw... The closer it comes to the end, the more carefully get all players with a positive score. No one wants to miss the chance to promote to the prize ranks or staying there, if already on +2 or +3. Even two players with +1 are currently ranked 9th und 10th, but with a remarkable high Buchholz score.
Best Games Awards - Ultimate Challenge Tour 2017     
9 days, 1 hour ago

We like to encourage players to try out new or unusual moves, to take risks and to be creative. Even though such games may end up in a draw same as other games, they might be worth an extra applause by the audience. For this reason Infinity Chess will give „best games awards“ to two players after each round. The player(s) with the highest number of such awards at the end of the tournament will rec
The Quiet before the Storm?     
10 days, 2 hours ago

It might look like this, but regarding the high rate of draws it might also be "business as usual" - no storm gathering at all. At least the tension is increasing round by round.
Ultimate Challenge: A Sharp King's Indian Reversed by GM Lutz     
12 days, 1 hour ago

The following game is an exciting encounter in the King's Indian with reversed colors. Thomas_A_Anderson as White attacked on the king side, while Zor as Black tried to get through on the queen side.....
Dubious and weak Book Moves      
13 days, 3 hours ago

Engine players are updating and improving their books all the time. That's what you hear and witness, when regularly playing on Infinity Chess. Improving... really? Some players go in depth, regarding the most fashionable or just their favoured lines, and often we hear them groaning "puh, hard work!", sounds like they were working in a coal-mine.
Three Players close behind Zor      
15 days, 21 hours ago

Comparing the playing strength of pure engines and centaurs we have to admit, that there is a wide range of centaurs in our tournament, while the vast majority of engine players is more or less on the same level, rather tough and solid.
Ultimate Challenge: A quiet endgame By GM Lutz     
16 days, 23 hours ago

While many games in the Ultimate Challenge are sharp tactical encounters, the following game is quite the contrary

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