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Title:   38th ENGINE MASTERS, Sunday May 26, 13 ounds, 12m+2s, 16.00 ST


Please note, that only REGULAR PLAYERS can win a money prize.

The status "regular player" requires 60 tournament games in last 30 days before registration.

1th Prize 500 USD

2nd Prize 200 USD

Please, be here in time 20 minutes before the tournament starts and attend your pc during all rounds!

Look carefully for your settings, use a tried and trusted engine, look for the health of your pc and for a proper internet connection.
If you face a problem, chat to the TD or any admin available, not to all in room or on server.

Help making this a fair and great event by agreeeing to obvious draws and losses - - in the true spirit of chess!

For Rules and Requirements look up our webportal: www.infinitychess.com

Looking forward to see you on Sunday, 26th May.
So long - JoJo (TD)

Type:   Swiss
Round:   13
Rated:   Yes
Special Tournament:   Yes
Tournament Rating:   Yes
Allow Tie Break:   No
Time Control:   12' + 2''      
Registration Start:   5/16/2019 3:00:00 PM
Registration End:   5/25/2019 11:55:00 PM
Tournament Start:   5/26/2019 6:00:00 PM
Tournament Director:   JoJo

Please visit our playing zone if you want to join a tournament.
RankUser NameCountry Flag RankRating
1 MurxGermany 2525
2 BrtroyBrazil 2515
3 MCDermontGermany 2512
4 PawnstarUnited States 2489
5 HereticIndonesia 2483
6 CoffeeOneAustria 2481
7 xeonrocksUnited Kingdom 2476
8 RyzOneItaly 2474
9 KatzenmaierGermany 2469
10 ugnatniamaUnited States 2440
11 CrapCleanerDenmark 2432
12 KhalidOmarUnited Arab Emirates 2428
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