Preview on the Ultimate Challenge Tour 2017

One week to go until start of the giant computer chess event ULTIMATE CHALLENGE with 22 rounds in one month, April 21 – May 20, time control 90 minutes + 30 seconds. 60 players already signed up, among them many of the world's best engine players and about 20 top centaur players, who will try to give the decisive human input to their machines. Stockfish, Houdini, Komodo and many other high-end chess engines, some of them hybrid versions or derivates from other engines will be in the game. And pc systems with 4, 6, 8, 12 etc. cores up to work stations with dozens of cores will be used in order to win the first prize of $ 6,000 dollars or one of the other prizes of the $ 20,000 dollars prize fund.

The ULTIMATE CHALLENGE follows the tradition of former open Freestyle Chess events, first promoted on playchess.com in 2005. Since then progress in computer technologies has never stopped, giving humans an extremely hard time nowadays, when they try to find better moves and plans as the machines do while staying on their own. Computer chess has almost completely occupied the entire human sphere of correspondence chess, but still there are highly specialised human chess players who know how to do their job, who know how to build a team with the machine, though they often have to take risks, if they deciding for moves that chess engines don't consider the best ones. „Win or die“ is a human approach, while the engines normally don't feel the tension of a chess match.

Which opening to play?“ is the basic first question for all, whether pure engine players or centaurs. The opening choice often decides on the level of risks players are ready to take. And both sides, Black and White, have to answer this question, never being absolutely sure what actually will happen. We like to encourage players to try out new or unusual moves, to take risks and to be creative. Even if such games often end up in a draw same as other games, which looked uneventful all the time, those games might be worth any applause by the audience. For this reason Infinity Chess will give a „best game award“ to two players after each round. The player(s) with the highest number of such awards at the end of the tournament will receive a special trophy with their name(s) engraved.

Looking forward to an exciting event with lots of high-class games of chess!

Please note, that the registration period ends on 18th April, 23:00 server time. For more information look up the Tournament Announcement and the Rules.

Provisional Start List, 14th April

 Ratings from Engine and Centaur Chess.

No. Player/Nickname Rating Country
1 Ultra-d 2689 (ct) United Kingdom
2 maximus 2676 (ct) Philippines
3 Ozymandias 2670 (ct) Spain
4 Regina_H.Milch 2658 (ct) Germany
5 Thomas_A_Anderson 2648 (ct) Germany
6 Take5 2638 (ct) Germany
7 Dovahkiin 2622 (ct) Italy
8 Biertrinker 2620 (ct) Czech Republic
9 Victorious 2610 (ct) Netherlands
10 CoffeeOne 2606 (ct) Austria
11 EtaoinShrdlu 2599 (ct) Czech Republic
12 Spaghetti_Chess 2592 (ct) Italy
13 newton296 2569 (ct) United States
14 mateinfour 2563 (ct) United Kingdom
15 Zor 2563 United Arab Emirates
16 Stabiloboss 2555 (ct) Germany
17 PublicEnemyN1 2554 (ct) United States
18 MCDermont 2545 Germany
19 zugzwang 2525 (ct) Germany
20 KingSlayer 2524 United States
21 Jpn 2520 Brazil
22 Marsell 2519 Italy
23 Paul 2516 Kyrgyzstan
34 Murx 2510 Germany
25 Wolle 2508 Germany
26 xeonrocks 2504 United Kingdom
27 Knightmare 2502 Indonesia
28 woodrun 2500 (ct) Finland
29 Medusa 2500 (ct) United Kingdom
30 Sirocco 2498 Poland
31 Gilgamesch 2494 Germany
32 miguello 2488 (ct) Dominican Republic
33 izanagi 2485 Japan
34 Brtroy 2485 Brazil
35 Katzenmaier 2483 Germany
36 Akhtar 2479 United Arab Emirates
37 RJN 2477 United States
38 deepkrack11 2475 Spain
39 KRAKEN 2475 Sweden
40 jernjoffen 2464 Norway
41 Gamelover 2462 South Africa
42 Soloman 2461 Saudi Arabia
43 Longin 2461 Germany
44 KhalidOmar 2450 United Arab Emirates
45 suzy 2450 Germany
46 ocirema 2450 Portugal
47 Harry_Potter 2449 Indonesia
48 THE_MACHINE 2447 Germany
49 Maniac 2423 Finland
50 OlivierEvan 2405 (ct) France
51 inhumano 2401 United States
52 KOLOMYTCHENKO 2400 Russia
53 ArKheiN 2400 Switzerland
54 Power106 2400 Barbados
55 ugurpc 2400 Turkey
56 Dinkelberger 2400 Germany
57 Claexit 2400 Germany
58 MrScience 2400 United States
59 ASSA 2369 Germany
60 FireFather 2357 Belgium