for Participation in Engine Masters Tournaments


  • 1) Required numbers of games during the last 30 days before registration:
    a) minimum of 60 games in engine hall (against a minimum of 15 different opponents), including a minimum of 30 rapid games and 30 blitz games.
    b) minimum of 60 rapid tournament games.

  • 2) Minimum rating:
    - 2300 for rapid tournaments
    - 2250 for rapid games in engine hall
    - 2300 for blitz games in engine hall.

  • 3) Participants have to use the same hardware they mostly used in the last 30 days before registration.

  • 4)  If a player wants to use a remote system for transmitting the moves, he has to use the same system in the daily tours and give detailed advance information by E-mail to info[at]infinitychess.com on the operating system (e.g. Windows, Linux etc.) and the number of cores used by remote play. The engine name displayed during the tournament has to be the one used by remote play.

  • 5) If a player wants to play by remote using the hardware of another participant of the tournament, he has to ask for a written permission by Infinity Chess not later than three days before tournament start. In that case the game between the two befriended players, if they get paired, will automatically be counted as a „draw“, regardless of the outcome of their game vs. each other. This precautional measure has to be taken in order to avoid any speculations about illegal collusion between the two players.

Updated March 2017.