3rd Engine Masters Tournament

This is the third of our monthly Engine Masters Tournaments for regular players on InfinityChess. 

It is scheduled for 31st August:

  • Time control 16m + 2s
  • 11 rounds Swiss System
  • Play mode: engine only
  • Free choice of engine and book
  • Engine name has to be displayed correctly (no fake names)
  • 1st prize $ 500
  • 2nd prize $ 200
  • No start fee
  • Registration August 15th – August 30th.

Watch out for the registration inside the server area at "Forthcoming Tournaments".

Registration requires a minimum of 50 engine tournament games played on InfinityChess during the last two months before tournament start. Don't miss our daily engine tours, mostly blitz, but also rapid tournaments. Learn more about InfinityChess and achieve the required number of tournament games.

For Rules and instructions (FAQ) look up menu "Tournaments" on our website.

Report on the 1st Engine Masters, won by Amos (I.) and Victorious (II.).

Report on the 2nd Engine Masters, won by Zorchamp (I.) and Akhtar (II.).