Komodo and Stockfish neck in neck after R5 of TCEC Stage 2

Komodo and Stockfish lead the world’s strongest computer chess championship TCEC. After 5 rounds they have 4,0/5. The two finalists from last season will certainty battle it out to the end, and will create special interest in their direct encounter that is coming up on Wednesday.

Third position after R5 is shared by Fire and Rybka. They have 3,5/5, half a point more than Hannibal and Critter.

Houdini 4 continues suffering in this field. After four consecutive draws, it registered a loss with white from Komodo in round 5 and remains 10th-12th with just 2,0/5.

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Currently live: Hannibal – Shredder
Coming up next: Houdini – Spike and Chiron – Komodo